Self-Propel Bathroom Wheelchairs for Total Bathroom Mobility

Bathroom wheelchairs are vital hygiene tools for many. Also known as shower wheelchairs, these mobility chairs provide a comfortable and secure way to use the lavatory and shower facilities without worrying about the wheelchair suffering from water damage or rusting.
With so many bathroom wheelchairs currently available, it can seem impossible to find the one that caters to your specific requirements. To help you decide, we have rounded up some of the leading self-propel ones you can use to get the bathroom mobility you need.
Showerbuddy WheelAble Commode & Shower Chair (The best travel self-propel bathroom wheelchair)
Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair (The best heavy-duty self-propel bathroom wheelchair)
Multichair Ultra Narrow Shower/Commode Wheelchair (Most maneuverable self-propel bathroom wheelchair)
Showerbuddy Roll-InBuddy Solo (The most affordable self-propel bathroom wheelchair)

Showerbuddy WheelAble Commode & Shower Chair
This folding shower wheelchair is made to travel. With a max width of 19 inches, it can fit into the narrowest passageways into almost any bathroom stall. Made of stainless steel and plastic, the WheelAble is not only ultra-lightweight but also collapsible, with parts that slide, fold and tuck compactable without using tools to fit neatly into a carry case.
Key Features
Max weight capacity of 220 lbs
Wheelchair weight 28 lbs
Open bottom seat with optional commode bucket
20-inch push-rim wheels
Open bottom commode seat

Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair
Anyone looking for a wheelchair they can roll right into the shower needs to check out the Mariner. This shower wheelchair is water and rust-resistant with an aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, and a waterproof padded seat, arms, and backing. Lightweight and foldable, it has the added benefit of being transportable, sliding into a closet or the trunk of a car.
Key Features
Max weight capacity of 300 lbs
Wheelchair weight of 41 lbs
Swivel four-position commode seat
Tool-free adjustable footrests

Multichair Ultra Narrow Shower/Commode Wheelchair
This bathroom wheelchair’s innovative design is unlike any other. While standard wheelchairs have the larger, hand-rim wheel in the back, this one has it in front. That means more control and stability for a safer bathroom experience. Also, with smaller wheels at the back, the Multichair can back up over a more compact commode before hitting the toilet tank or wall. With its rust-resistant frame, low back and padded cushions, this is a shower wheelchair you can take straight into the water without worrying about rusting or damage.
Key Features
Wheelchair weight of 38 lbs
The seat width is 17 inches
The overall width is 24 inches
20-inch rubber hand-rim wheels with vinyl coating
Open commode seat

Showerbuddy Roll-InBuddy Solo
This shower wheelchair is the economical option for transport to and from a bathroom facility. Height adjustable, with 24-inch hand-rim wheels and 4-inch locking casters, this roll-in wheelchair is stable, lightweight, and slip resistant. Easy to clean and low maintenance, the Showbuddy’s rust-resistant frame and a removable padded commode seat will make your bathroom experience much more comfortable.
Key Features
Max weight capacity 300 lbs
Product weight 48 Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair lbs
Lockable, removable, flip-back arms
Rustproof aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware

In the End
The right bathroom wheelchairs must be waterproof, rust-resistant, maneuverable, and stable enough to function as needed in any bathroom. The ones listed here tick all these boxes and are great choices for anyone looking to improve their bathroom mobility.

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